3 Tools to Enhance the “I Attract Money” Affirmation

How I attract wealthUsing “I attract money” as an affirmation is an incredibly powerful tool in using the Law of Attraction to get money.  Of course, any affirmation can benefit immensely by expanding your practice beyond merely repeating a phrase.  Simply put, the more you engage yourself in the concept of obtaining wealth, the more effectively you will be able to do it, and the quicker your results will come.

Building an Attracting Wealth Meditation

The simple phrase of “I attract money” can be expanded into an overall attracting wealth meditation that you can use anywhere and at any time.  This phrase brings your attention toward money and opens the door to a general contemplation of wealth.  In this trance of prosperity, it becomes easier to immerse yourself in the wealth of the world around you.

Of great benefit in this practice is your dream board.  Visual aids called “mandalas” have been used by yoga practitioners for centuries in order to concretize the object of their meditations.  Your dream board, with all the images of wealth and prosperity that you have placed on it, serves precisely this purpose.

Using the Kubera Mudra to Attract Wealth and Abundance

Kubera is the Hindu personification of prosperity.  A mudra is a hand gesture used in meditation.  The Kubera Mudra is a centuries-old hand gesture used to attract wealth and abundance and has proven to be effective enough to be included in Alpha Training programs.  You don’t have to convert to Hinduism to use it and still achieve amazing results.

With both hands, touch the tips of your thumb, middle and index fingers together, and curl your remaining fingers into the palms of your hands.  Visualize intensely the object of your desire and squeeze your fingertips.  Intense visualization and desire are the key elements to make this work, not adherence to Hinduism.

Brainwave Entrainment — an Attract Wealth Subliminal Technique

Brainwave Entrainment can be used as an attract wealth subliminal technique. Alpha Training is a subcategory of this practice.  The essential idea of brainwave entrainment is that by exposing your brain to particular wavelengths, your brainwaves will emulate them.

Alpha Training focuses on the alpha brainwave pattern.  Alpha brainwaves are associated with a mental state of relaxed focus.  This mental state has proven to be incredibly helpful in the areas of treating alcoholism, drug dependence, stress, and anxiety.  By playing recordings of alpha brainwaves through headphones, it essentially pulls your mind out of the stressful beta activity and into the calm and confident alpha state.

Adding any of these three techniques in total, combination or individually to your “I attract wealth” affirmation will amplify the intensity of your realization that you do, in fact, attract wealth.

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